What does taking cannabis oil feel like?

Try to keep an open mind about using cannabis oil in conjunction with CBD oil to heal your cancer. The fear most people have is fear of the unknown. I found dosing three times a day very pleasant. I didn’t lose my hair, experience nausea or sickness of any kind. After dosing for months, I stopped when my cancer was gone. I had no withdrawals or addiction symptoms, nothing.

Of course I could not feel the killing effect of the treatment, but I did experience a euphoric peace. Everyone is different in so many ways, it’s hard to say exactly what your experience will be. For me is was wonderful. I never felt like a patient because I could do and go anywhere and everywhere I needed to without dragging along any side effects.

After giving my testimony at church, one of the church elders came to me concerned that I might get hooked, as she put it, and become a drug addict. The interesting thing is cannabis oil (medical marijuana) comes directly from the plant which is a seed baring herb and is not addictive.

My months of dosing morning noon and night was not only pleasant, but killed the cancer. Read more about dosing in the “Three keys to healing cancer” article where I repeat my testimony story and add some interesting notes.