I am not a doctor, not a lawyer, and certainly not a politician. I have no credential, certificate, or degree that would legally justify my prescribing or even recommending medical treatment.  But I am living proof that what I did worked to cure cancer.

I receive calls almost daily from people of all walks of life with one thing in common; cancer. I detect the panic, fear, and dismay in their voice as they describe their condition. All are desperate for help.   I can help, and will every chance I get.  I simply tell my story.  Hearing what I did and how I did it fosters hope.

Despite its rudimentary nature, this website can help you be triumphant in your journey.  Understanding cannabis, dosing, diet and trust, builds confidence.  Each section herein, no matter how disjointed it may seem, plays an important part in the end result.  Stay with it, don’t cherry pick, read the technical, critical, spiritual and whimsical because when it all comes together ………. well, it healed me.

Jack Cross

Cancer Research Center Eureka Springs Team

Jack Cross

Evelyn Cross

Evelyn Cross

Real Estate Broker/Owner GRI

July 19, 2017 (4:15 AM)

Today will go live. I have been bombarded with fear and even encouraged to back off and wait a while until circumstances around me are less unsure. The spirit moves me forward.

This morning I am reaching boldly for the miracle. My father knows my gifts, my hindrances, and the condition I’m in at every moment. And he also knows something I can’t possibly know: every single person who’s in desperate need of receiving his touch through me, God will bring me to that person at exactly the right time and in the right circumstances. And at that moment, I will receive power to be his witness.

It is just a website, a small thing among a multitude of others. But for me, it is as though I am christening a ship. I have asked for blessings in deed, and expressed a desire to have my territory enlarged. I have asked for his power and authority by His hand being with me, keeping me far from evil, that I should cause no pain.

I have put everything behind me and look clearly to the future in him.


I am soliciting your prayers, and the prayers of anybody and everybody that you know who are in Christ. Please pray for me.


It has become clear to me that in order to stay cancer free I must follow a continuing healthy eating, drinking, dosing and supplementary program.

After my healing I began to go back to having a few alcoholic drinks, and a more lenient diet. I didn’t pay as close attention to my supplements, leading to a more sporadic dosing.

One of the first treatments I underwent before starting my cannabis regiment was to receive a Lupron shot which stopped my body from producing testosterone. Since this eliminated one of the foods cancer feeds on, my PSA went down dramatically. But my lackadaisical practices adopted later on, along with the discontinuance of the Lupron injections, allowed my testosterone production to return and resulted in an increase in my PSA. It became clear to me if I continued the way I was going the cancer could possibly return. After all, my bad habits are what caused the tumor to appear in the first place.

I have been alcohol free for about a month, and have returned to a preventative cannabis dosing on a regular basis. I have kept my supplements stocked up and take them everyday without fail. This new practice has resulted in my feeling energetic and healthy.

Most importantly I continue to read scripture every morning as well as my devotional (Jesus Calling), and a portion of The Book of Jebez. Prayer keeps me in touch with the healer Jesus Christ and Father God, and that closeness provides incredible peace and joy in my life ministered by the Holy Ghost.