Cannabis Information

Exploring the world around us and all of the beautiful and useful resources that come with it is one of our most instinctual and basic of human behaviors. Curiosity and the thirst for knowledge, spirituality, and healthier choices in our every day lives is only natural too.

Cannabis is a renowned herb that has been used by many cultures, societies, and individuals for it’s mystical affects. Our goal is to help others learn & understand what this herb is and what functions the various aspects of cannabis are that can contribute to our health without harmful side effects.

There are three main types of cannabis: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis (Hybrid). Each one has a function of its own, but still similar to the others. Also Cannabis can be made into different preparations: Flower Buds, Kief, Hashish, Tincture, Oil, Infusion (Butter) and pipe resin to name a few. The most common are dried flower buds (weed) primarily for recreational purposes. Now research has begun to show medical benefits that have been associated  with this miracle herb.

Much confusion is related to the different namcs and preparations given to the types of Cannabis. We hope to offer readers information that will be helpful with the path they have chosen to familiarize themselves with Cannabis. We are starting to discover that Cannabis is able to help different people with diflerent needs in many different ways…the best part is its all natural.

We will explore this further in our next article coming soon…

Article by Cannabis Research Center Eureka Springs
Despite its rudimentary nature, this website can help you be triumphant in your journey. Understanding cannabis, dosing, diet and trust, builds confidence. Each section herein, no matter how disjointed it may seem, plays an important part in the end result. Stay with it, don’t cherry pick, read the technical, critical, spiritual and whimsical because when it all comes together ………. well, it healed me. Jack Cross