The Cannabis Cancer Cure

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis oil) is rapidly becoming recognized as a miracle healer.

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis oil) is rapidly becoming recognized as a miracle healer.  Each State that approves its use is required to grow the plant in their State.  Each dispensary has staff that helps you select the proper product for your intended use.  But this selection is complicated, and at this time in its early development, mistakes in product choice can easily be made.  It takes extensive research and understanding to get it right, and if your cancer is aggressive, stage 4, and has moved into your bones, time is not on your side.

That was my diagnosis on Oct. 17th, 2016.  I decided on cannabis instead of chemotherapy and never looked back.  I made many mistakes along the way to finding the right product, how to access it, what dosage to take, the cost, and a multitude of side tracks that wasted my precious time.  But when I finally got it right, it worked.  Just 6 months ago my prostate was half covered with cancer, aggressive, stage 4, and had entered my bones.  Today it is cancer free.  There was no nausea, sickness, hair loss, or any of the horrible side effects brought on by other treatments. It is truly a miracle.

If you are suffering from cancer, I can detail everything I did, from start to finish and you won’t have to mortgage your home to do it.  Just email me with your contact information and let’s work out the details.

Best wishes,

Jack Cross