Frequently Asked Questions

Because I speak to so many people, more questions will be posted as time goes on, so keep in touch.

Answer: In Arkansas applications are being taken, and they require confirmation from your doctor that your condition meets the standards for use of medical marijuana. A copy of your Arkansas driver’s license, or other state identiflcation with a current photograph is required. Applications will not be processed until there are dispensaries available. It generally takes 30 days from then to receive Your card.

Answer: I researched online and found that a fellow named Rick Simpson developed the cannabis oil, and decided that was what I wanted. I visited a healing center in a state where it is legal, and the doctor there confirmed the oil choice and helped me with a dosing program.

Answer: Placing the oil under your tongue is the most common way to dose because it enters your system quickest that way. I chose to place a dose on a small piece of bread, put it at the back of my tongue and swallow it with a glass of water. See “dosing” in this website.

Answer: Medical cannabis oil is very high in THC, the element that makes you high, so in my case it did make me high. Everyone is different and may not react in the same way. Remember that marijuana is not addictive and you cannot overdose on it, so just relax and let it do its work.

Answer: I know of no side effects. I lost no hair, never got sick or experienced nausea. At first I felt conspicuous,like people would know I was high, but it doesn’t take long to learn to function and things leveled out.

Answer: My total consumption was about 65 grams of oil, and the cost was about $30 to $40 per gram. So my entire healing cost about  $2000. I was told my first chemotherapy treatment would have cost about $15,000.