Getting Right With The Healer

If you have cancer of any kind, you are probably looking for healing. The first thing I did was to look to the healer, Jesus Christ.
If you have children, you more than likely have had the experience of trying to put together a child’s gift before reading the instructions. When you realized it just wasn’t happening, you resorted to reading those instructions and the job became easy.
I went through much of my life without reading the instruction manual, making so many mistakes that I finally realized I needed help. I found it in the word of God, my Bible. I discovered it was the instruction manual I was so much in need of, and most importantly it brought me to a personal relationship with Jesus. Through the new testament I learned how Jesus healed the sick, the maimed, the blind, and even raised the dead. I had been praying, talking to the Lord for years, mostly asking for help. I felt dirty and unrighteous because of my past mistakes, but that was just the prince of the air putting destructive thoughts in my mind. One day I was reading Jesus words in John chapter 15 verse 3. “Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken to you.” What? Me clean? Yes, I am clean, forgiven, justified, righteous in the eyes of God. It’s what Jesus did for me on the cross. Through Jesus I realized I was part of the family of God and could come boldly into the throne room asking what I may. So when cancer came along, I did not fear, I asked which path to take, chemotherapy or cannabis oil. I felt uncomfortable, sort of a sick feeling when I mentioned chemotherapy, but cannabis oil (medical marijuana) brought forth a peaceful feeling of well being. I knew God had revealed the path I was to take.
I hope you the reader don’t think I’m trying to sell you something, I don’t have to, what Jesus did for us sells its self. Jesus said it, I just believed it. “Now you are clean”