I was listening to an interview on National Public Radio this afternoon and I was inspired in the spirit.  The interviewer was speaking with Dr. Larry Brilliant, known for the most part for eradicating smallpox.  Not slowing the virus, but eliminating it completely worldwide.  His story was spellbinding and I was drawn to his every word, especially when he spoke about being a hippy back in the 60ies.  You see, I dropped out in the 60ies too.  He covered his youth, his lucky break getting into medical school, and the path he took to achieve his miraculous achievements.  As he covered step by step his transition from a long hair to a recognized authority, I marveled.  In his early days he along with three other doctors considered radicals were pictured on the cover of a medical magazine called ARA.  The article warned readers to beware of the three because they believed healthcare in America should be for everyone.  What a bizarre idea.  But today thinking it should not be is even more bizarre.  Oh how times have changed and with the times, our thinking.  I intend to contact NPR and try to get a copy of the entire interview for this website.

It was when he said that God gave him his life’s work, and he never looked back, that I realized God has given me mine, and from the time I began the use of cannabis oil (medical marijuana) to heal the cancer in my body, I have not looked back.  Every minute of every day I continue to walk a path blindly, not knowing what is around the next turn, but knowing that God is with me.  Never knowing what tomorrow will bring has ceased to concern me; I follow the word of God as my life’s instruction manual and the Lord energizes me with peace and joy.  I am taught daily by the events God puts before me, and I am in awe that He has chosen me to do this work.  Please pray for me giving God the Glory.