Touching The Hem of His Garment

Mathew 9:20 tells of a woman with a disease, an issue of blood, she had for twelve years.  She was convinced she could be healed if she could make her way through the crowd and simply touch the hem of Jesus garment.  When she did, Jesus turned and told the woman that her faith had made her whole.

We have the instruction manual to life through our bibles, something this woman did not have.  Through it we know that Jesus heals; he did then and he does now.   Just like that woman, I was convinced he could heal me, but I could not touch the hem of his garment.  God put something else on the earth to take the place of it.  But how did I know it would be cannabis.  I prayed and then listened.  I asked my Lord if I should take chemotherapy as my doctor recommended, and when I listened to my spirit a sick feeling came over me.  Then I asked if he would bless cannabis oil to the wellness of my body, and an uplifting feeling came over me.  I knew and never looked back.  Was I lucky or was I blessed?  The answer to that question is critical to your healing.  Why am I discussing this first?  Because you simply must connect with the healing power before the solution can be found, and Jesus is the healing power.  Once I put him first I was eligible to receive the solution, or if you will, the tool, which is cannabis.  Simply put, faith is your first and most important element to healing.  So now let’s talk about the tool.  Just like an automobile mechanic must understand the workings of an engine before he knows what tools he will need, we must understand our God before we can put the tools to work, he has provided for us.  Afraid I’m trying to sell you this?  I don’t have to because this is the truth and it sells its self.  Now if you’re ready to be healed, let’s get technical.