Cannabis Cancer Healing Introduction

I am not a doctor, not a lawyer, and certainly not a politician. I have no credential, certificate, or degree that would legally justify my prescribing or even recommending medical treatment. But I am living proof that what I did worked to cure cancer.

I receive calls almost daily from people of all walks of life with one thing in common; cancer. I detect the panic, fear, and dismay in their voice as they describe their condition. All are desperate for help. I can help, and will every chance I get. I simply tell my story. Hearing what I did and how I did it fosters hope.

Despite its rudimentary nature, this website can help you be triumphant in your journey. Understanding cannabis, dosing, diet and trust, builds confidence. Each section herein, no matter how disjointed it may seem, plays an important part in the end result. Stay with it, don’t cherry pick, read the technical, critical, spiritual and whimsical because when it all comes together ………. well, it healed me.

Jack Cross

Cannabis Treatments

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis oil) is rapidly becoming recognized as a miracle healer.

Are You Becoming Extinct

Hearing that I once felt the way you feel right now, should help you understand that you are not alone,

A Fly in the Eye

If you wear glasses or even if you don’t, no one likes it when a fly lands on your eye.

Three Keys To Healing Cancer

The first and most important is “Trust”. It may be difficult for you to wrap your head around this,

Cannabis Flower Buds


I always hated diets. They prohibited all the things I loved to eat and drink. Even the 40 30 30 diet

Cannabis Dosing

It usually takes the average person about 90 days to ingest the full 60 gram or 60 ml oil treatment.


Eureka Springs is very fortunate to have Fain’s Herbacy. Dr. Fain is a storehouse of knowledge and


I live in Arkansas, a conservative red state known as part of the Bible belt.