Eureka Springs is very fortunate to have Fain’s Herbacy. Dr. Fain is a storehouse of knowledge and takes a personal interest in every customer. Evelyn stopped in during the early days of my cannabis dosing and Dr. Fain recommended the following:

CBD oil plus, 25 mg 30 caps
Modified Citrus Pectin Nutricol
AdvaCal Ultra 1000
D-3 5000iu 30ct
Magnesium Premier Private Label
Vitamin C Ester Asc Palmitate C
Immune Sys Support Premier Pvt
InflamMove Premier Pvt Lbl
Peppermint Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
D3 5000iu 90sq
Quercetin Natrol 500/50 caps
B Complex liq w B12 2oz
Suppliments make a world of difference.